The Salty Life

Has it been almost 1 year since I posted here at New England Family?! Well what a year it’s been!!! I have also been neglecting my food blog, the Search for YUM, but still managed to get a few good recipes up so if you haven’t checked that out lately, make sure to at least get my pan seared scallops recipe!

But back to my crazy/incredible past year that was so crazy/incredible I haven’t had a second to write. For starters, I have a now two and a half year old that I am completely smitten with and want to spend every possible second with because he is growing so quickly before my very eyes. This time with him is going faster than I could have imagined and it won’t be very long I know before I am not the center of his adoring attention anymore so I am SOAKING UP EVERY SINGLE SECOND! And after his bedtime, well, that’s usually my bedtime. Two year olds are wonderfully exhausting! haha

But the BIG news is that we moved! We moved into our dream house by the ocean. I still can’t believe how incredibly lucky we are and how fast the entire process went. (Although if you had talked to me while we were showing our house and trying to keep it clean and leave for showings 2 to 3 times a day with a toddler and dog in tow, I would have cried you a sob story about how it would never end!)


So needless to say, the last 6 months have been full of packing, unpacking and most importantly, having our toes in the sand! If you had told me when I was younger, growing up in inland Central New York this is where I would be at 30, I would not have believed you! We are so incredibly lucky and my little guy has jumped right into beach life faster than any of us! I think he might turn into a fish (right along with my big guy!) 🙂


During this entire process, I have had plenty of things I have been wanting to write about but haven’t found the time. Now that things are settling down, I promised myself I would find more time to sit and have a cup of coffee and write – while looking out at the ocean! Stay tuned for more on the salty, salty life my friends!

AND the sweetest thing, the people who we bought the house from were so wonderful left us the most perfect housewarming gift that I just have to share, “How to live at the beach” the perfect gift for anyone that lives near the beach!



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  1. So happy that you’ve found some time to write, I loved your post. Most of all I love that your our neighbor!

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