An Apology Letter to My Dog

Dear Roxy Roo,

We’ve been through a lot these past 9 years, you and I. Since you were 8 weeks old we’ve been best buds. You’ve been there by my side for all of my crazy adventures. From syracuse, to boston (even i can’t believe you survived living at 92 Corey road), and finally to our home in Connecticut. And now we have a new bud. And you have been completely awesome (except for a few barks during nap time). So I just wanted to say thank you and also…

I’m sorry…

…that instead of cuddling you in the morning I now cuddle the baby. But sometimes we all cuddle together and I love that too!


…I now talk to you in a baby voice. I can’t help it.

…I forgot to feed you that one time…ok two times…ok maybe I’ve lost count. Thank god you bring the empty bowl out to us.

…that the baby threw up on you while I was burping him. You have to admit, you were sitting right in the line of fire.

…you are so starved for affection that you look to anyone for some love when you used to hate strangers!

…we didn’t celebrate your 8th…or 9th…birthday like we’ve done in the past. Birthdays are a pretty big deal and all you got were a few lousy treats and a few “happy birthdays ol’ girl.”


…you’re so starved for attention that even Tim feels bad for you. Now that really says a lot.

…you’re no longer the focus of my photography. You’ve still made it into a few….


…I’m sorry I let your nails get freakishly long. They’re better tho. .. for now 😉

…I no longer go outside with you when you go to the bathroom. Our yard is fenced in and you have to admit that was a little crazy.

…I wouldn’t let you on the couch that entire day after you almost jumped on the baby. That didn’t last long tho.

…we don’t take you everywhere we go anymore. You still make it on some of our car rides and adventures!

…that now the baby is up and running he tries to sit on you and throw toys at you and drag you around on your leash. He just really, really loves you Roxy. We all do even if we show it in different ways!

For being so amazing with our little buddy, I really wanted to do something special as a thank you. Our friends over at Kai Krates are helping me do just that with a monthly subscription box full of goodies just for you! That way, I CAN’T forget to give you a little treat once in a while. It will just be sent to you automatically every month. I got you the tiny dogs box, but they also have Average and Big Dog boxes so if any of our friends want to get a box there is something for everyone! And they can even use the coupon code “searchforyum” at check out for an extra 10% off their order (and it’s already really affordable)! AND it’s always free shipping!

Love you, Rox!

P.S. A huge thanks to Kai Krates for partnering with me so we are able to offer everyone an extra 10% off! I’m sure there are plenty of other pups that deserve a little extra something every month too!

Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the cool things that could be inside!

kai krates


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