Children’s Museum of Southeastern Connecticut – Fun day out!

Let me tell you, every single moment with this kiddo of mine is so incredibly special. I cherish every second of it.

I had last Friday off and really wanted to do something extra fun with him. I’ve been wanting to check out the Children’s Museum in Niantic for a while now and it was a pretty hot day so it seemed like a great option. They have indoor and outdoor play spaces but the majority of it is inside, I’d say.

It was SO much fun! One and a half seemed like the perfect age to visit…but I have a feeling that I’ll be saying that at every age along the way here. They have a lot to offer and we are lucky to live so close!

We were up nice and early, fed and dressed well before they opened at 9am so I figured we would get there nice and early. We got there shortly after they opened and it worked out great because we got there before a lot of the crowd which let Colin explore everything for the first time on his own time!

We headed to the left side, called the Imagination Station first which seemed to be the bigger side.

He was actually a little timid at first, but as soon as he saw the big boat he crawled right out of my arms and ran to the wheel!

I think he would’ve spent the entire morning happy as can be right in this spot…but we had to give other kids a chance to be the captain so we headed over to the fire truck that another mom told me was a huge hit with her little one.

She was right…another win!

This part of the museum also featured a toddler play space that Colin was a little old for, nothing caught his attention enough to even go in but if we had visited only a few months prior, we would have probably spent the majority of our time there. They had a nice, new carpet in that area so it was a no shoes zone. (Sorry didn’t snap a pic).

There was also a TV that you could see yourself on! I couldn’t get Colin to go in front of it but I did and he was really excited about it. He kept pointing at the TV saying “mom!” Haha he got to think his mom was a TV star for a moment 🙂

The other area in the Imagination Station was a cute little kitchen and supermarket. It was a little too old for Colin but I can’t wait until we can play together here. It’s a place I would’ve wanted to live at as a 4 year old kid!

The really nice woman at the front desk warned me there might not be too much for Colin outside (which was fine with me due to the hot day) but we still managed to find a few fun things…including a water table with boats not pictured here!

For as nice as the inside facilities are at the museum, I would just say that the Outdoor Playspace needs a little work at the time of our visit. It’s just a little run down seeming…but I’m sure an update is easier said than done and I’m sure kids still really enjoy it out there regarldess!

The other side of the museum, labeled the Discovery Room is to the right when you walk in had some cool things. Including one of my little guys personal favorites…this really cool organ!

And these “bubbles!”

They were also doing summer science programs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on this side, but the activities were just a bit too old for my guy. He didn’t seem to even notice.

We had been there for almost 2 hours when I noticed he was getting pretty tired.  He usually naps around 11 am at home and I could tell he was reaching his limit. I had brought a few snacks so we went out by the little front area and sat to have a bite. I knew as soon as he got in the car he would fall asleep on the way home. There were a few things available there to buy but nothing like a meal so keep that in mind if you are planning a visit!

I started thinking a little lunch wouldn’t hurt before his nap. So we headed down the street to find food after getting stamped since admission is good for the entire day (He loved that we had matching little penguin stamps on our hands)! We ended up at Gumdrops and Lollipops, a candy and ice cream store in Niantic that recently added a cute little 50’s diner and it was perfect!

He got the kids pail slider burger meal and it came with a sand bucket and shovel, bubbles in a cute little ice cream cone, milk, cheese crackers and an actually delicious slider cheeseburger. I had planned on sharing it with him but he ended up eating the entire thing! It was on the small side for sharing but perfect portion for him.

It was already the best day and it was only nap time! He got in a great nap and when he woke up I considered heading back to the Children’s Museum but we ended up heading to the beach for the rest of the day!

If you are planning a visit to the Children’s Museum of Southeastern Connecticut you are in for a treat!


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