In just one instant

It only takes one single instant for something to go horribly wrong. Especially in life with a toddler. I learned that today, the hard way. 

At our home, in our safe bedroom, in one little corner, my sweet little guy was playing with the jewelry in my jewelery cabinet. Both my husband and I were mere feet away. And before either of us could do a thing, it fell on him. The other jewelry box placed on top hitting his head, the other crushing his legs. We had him safe in our arms within seconds, but it only took that one instant for him to get hurt. To make matters worse, I can remember him saying “pull” and just not processing that as danger. I can’t even explain how bad his goose egg on his head looked.

As a mother, you always assume you’ll just magically be there for your kid in that instant. Today was a huge eye opener. Two feet away and I couldn’t stop this from happening.

Tears were shed..all around, a rush to the doctors to check everything and all was fine. Thankfully. We were lucky. Really, really lucky. You hear stories all the time about kids getting crushed by furniture. It’s actually been in the news a lot lately. Yet, here I was with my 19 month old, feeling like the worst mother in the world. It can never happen to you, right. Just two feet away and I wasn’t a superhero mom enough to stop my little guy from getting hurt.

Tomorrow some serious baby proofing will be taking place in our house. I’ve been talking about bolting our entertainment center to the wall for weeks, yet I hadn’t thought twice about that heavy, unsteady jewelry cabinet. What else have I missed that we have just been lucky with so far? I urge everyone with a toddler to ask this question. No matter how careful you are with your little one, it only takes one instant.

Apparently there are child house proofing companies that will come to your house and make sure every piece of furniture is secured, every dangerous object out of reach, etc. I’d say it would be money well spent.


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