Keeping memories alive

8 years ago today, my gramma, one of the people nearest and dearest to my heart, left us to be with the love of her life in heaven. Her and my grampa would have loved my little boy and it saddens me that they never got to know him. Although, when he was first born I was convinced that they had sent me this little angel. 

One of Colin’s favorite things to do is play our piano. The piano my grandparents bought me when I was 7 shortly after starting piano lessons. I keep a picture of them on their wedding day on top of the piano. It is so special to me and I love that my little boy has taken such an interest in it. 

Colin at the piano after his morning yogurt (which is still all over his face haha)

Well today, of all days, he was sitting at the piano and looked up at their picture and pointed. I almost cried as I told him of his Gramma GG and Great Grampa Ron. He said “GG” and “Ron” perfectly as I explained to him. I have done this a number of times before, but today was so significant. It’s so important to me that their memory lives on and that every time we sit down at that piano we have them to thank.

Colin looking up at Grampa Ron and Gramma GG at the piano

Keeping memories alive has turned into one of the main reasons I still share on this blog. It has evolved into somewhat of a little family journal. And if others take a little something away from it as well that’s a nice bonus. But I imagine looking back over the years at all of our special moments here. Trust me, there’s so much I don’t share, but these are some nice snippets. They say kids don’t remember anything when they are very young, so my hope is my little guy (and any future one/s) will be able to look through here from time to time and remember all the fun we’ve had along the way. Everything is so fresh in my mind right now but who knows in five, ten, twenty years if special little moments like 3am adventures or visits to the Cape or First train rides would get a little fuzzy. We are making so many wonderful memories and this is just my way of keeping them alive.



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