A wish for the world my son will grow up in

I have always made it a point not to talk about politics in public, and rarely among close friends. Maybe it was from my education from Emerson College. Getting a master’s in journalism you really learn to value the idea of being completely biased at all times. Or maybe it’s just my nature. Either way, being a mother changes everything. And I would do anything to make his life happy and full. So without getting into too much “politics” (because old habits die hard) I wrote a little wish instead.

I hope my son grows up in a world that…

Is full of love,

          not hate.

Values all people:

          regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or profession.

Is fair:

          regardless of race, gender, religions, sexual orientation or profession.

Stands up to bullying.  


Knows there are bad people,

          but that there are more good and decent people.

Doesn’t take for granted the beauty of this world,

          and all of our natural resources.

Fearlessly protects children,

          no matter where they were born.

Works together to tear down walls,

          not one that tries to build them.


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