Summer mornings

It’s mornings like this I wish could last forever and ever. It’s been HOT here in New England this summer. Definitely the hottest summer I can remember since moving to Connecticut 5 years ago (5 years!) So little man and I headed out early to enjoy some outside playtime and beat the heat!

First we waited for the garbage truck to come around. This is our big event every Wednesday. My little man LOVES trucks so having such a big one go around our neighborhood – twice – once a week is a big deal haha. And it means the world to him when the driver takes a second to wave back or even give a little toot in our direction. Such small gestures of kindness fill my little boy with such joy and warms my heart.


Here comes the garbage truck!

Once we had waived to the garbage truck – twice – we headed to our little neighborhood beach. It’s SO awesome to have a little beach we can walk to right from our house! I have to say I don’t take advantage of it nearly enough. But summer mornings like these…how can you not!

We splashed in the water
We learned about seaweed!

This was really neat – I saw a perfect conch shell just sitting on the beach and thought SCORE! I couldn’t wait to bring it home. Then I picked it up and realized it had a resident!!! For all of the time I’ve spent at the beach I’ve never found one of these. It was so neat. My little man got to learn about different types of “homes” this morning.

I was slightly tempted to take this home for some conch fritters for dinner, but it was just too amazing to disturb. We left it right where we found it.

Then my little beach boy found an Oyster! 

The beach was FULL of goodies this morning!

After all of the excitement, we sat on a big rock together and took in the scenery and the perfect breeze.
Back at home, we filled up the pool and water table and kept on splashing!

During our morning snack, he was still talking about the “beach,” “shells” “rocks” “water” and “boats” we saw that morning.

This is happiness 🙂


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