Mom Blogging

If you told me five years ago I would someday be a mom blogger, I would have kicked my own a$$. I still maintain that I am a lifestyle, food and family writer but let’s be honest, all I want to talk about is my kid.

mom blogger

It’s not that I have anything against Mom blogging or mom bloggers…let me explain. My background is in journalism. I got my master’s degree in print and multimedia journalism from Emerson College in 2010. And the number one rule in journalism (if you asked my professors at least) was objectivity. As you might guess, objectivity has no place in a mom blog. It’s been really hard for me to share my personal experiences here and it’s something I am still working on.

But I have to say, as I am posting more the past few weeks I am meeting THE MOST AMAZING women through this blog. The support and encouragement here and on social media is so inspiring. It’s pushing me to do more and helping me gain confidence as I go.

I’ve always considered myself a writer. I know the exact moment it happened too. I won an essay contest in 7th grade – with a prize of $150! Little did I know that was the first and only time I would be making money writing haha None the less, here I am almost twenty years later still holding on to the dream in some form or another. I love writing but I have been so afraid for people to read my stuff – quite a conundrum for a writer if you ask me.

So thank you to all of the other amazing moms and writers out there who are making this such a great experience and helping get that pen to paper (or fingers on the keyboard). You all ROCK!

Does anyone else have any fears or challenges about blogging/writing ? I would love to hear them!



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