5 Things You Need to Remember in Times of Stress

Do you ever feel like you’re just drowning? Life picks the funniest times to throw things at you. Maybe it’s a challenge to see how much you can handle. Maybe it’s to remind you to appreciate the times when things are easier. Which I am very grateful to have long stretches of happy and easy times.

Either way it’s times like these when I’m trying so hard to do everything and make everyone happy that I feel like I let everyone down the most. I’m stretched thin, I’m anxious, I’m tired and honestly I snap at the people I love the most. And once you snap, you can’t take that back.


Whatever you are going through, I’ve made a list of 5 things you absolutely have to remember. Sometimes it just takes the tiniest thing to get your head back above water.

1. To breathe. Stop and take deep breathes. I had a coworker who I still consider a very good friend who was good at reminding me to breath every time she saw an anxious look on my face. I’ll always be grateful for that reminder. It’s simple but so effective.

2. You can’t do it all. You just can’t so stop trying. You’ll just drive yourself nuts and feel worse for failing at your impossible task.

3. Let others help. The art of delegating is a hard one to master, but one that could potentially be a life saver. It’s hard to ask for help, but sometimes it takes a village.

4. To Forgive yourself. You’re doing your best. Be kind to yourself even if you are frustrated with yourself, even if you think others are frustrated with you.

5. You’re not crazy. Everyone has these moments in their lives. Try to handle everything that comes at you with grace and calmness but refer back to #4 when you slip.


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