WTF Daycare sickness!

TGIF! At least that was what I thought getting ready this morning. Not only did I have a little bounce in my step, I was completely on my morning game. The baby and I played/cuddled from our 6am wake up until 7. Then we got dressed, ate a delicious and nutritious breakfast together and left for daycare without any major catastrophies. As I like to say, the stars aligned.
Then we walked into daycare. And my heart sank. Every. Single. Baby. Was. Coughing.
And I’m not just talking a little *cough* here or there. It was the worst cough I’ve probably ever heard in my life. And this was only his third time at daycare after getting off of TWO weeks of antibiotics for a double ear infection and bronchitis from the last round of daycare sickness. I FELT SICK. I wanted to walk out the door with him but I had to go to work, I’ve missed so much lately thanks to daycare sickness. But who am I kidding? I know all to well that I’ll probably just be calling out of work next week because he did get sick from daycare and needs to go to the doctors. Again.
I got in the car and called my husband, sobbing. I was at the end of my daycare sickness rope…and it was only the end of February. We have at least a whole month of winter left to go! In the end, we decided to leave him there. We had to work.
Turns out it wouldn’t have mattered anyways…he was actually exposed to it on Monday and is starting the cough today.
So that means his SECOND day back to daycare after two weeks of antibiotics he got sick again.
W.T.F. Daycare sickness?! Not even cool. I mean, I was well aware that taking my kid to daycare, even if only two days a week, would mean more exposure to germs and sickness. But they say that’s better for them in the long run and they will be less sick later in life (idk sounds kinda like BS to me but it makes me feel better so whatever). But this is getting ridiculous!

I think I’m going to sneak this up on the door there:

To all other parents out there with baby’s in daycare…is this normal or do I have my baby enrolled in the germiest daycare EVER?


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