Introducing the New Gerber Baby (please vote!)

They say you haven’t officially entered motherhood until you have entered your baby in his first Gerber baby photo contest…well consider this my obligatory new mom, shameless photo contest plug post.

Vote for Gerber Baby Colin! (It’s easiest to search for his entry using ID# 304028)

A few weeks after Colin was born, we were in the middle of our maternity leave morning routine…I was on the couch eating my second breakfast of the day watching the Today Show and he was laying there watching me because he really had no other choice not being able to move and all.
And the today show had a segment with the 2015 Gerber baby! She was cute and happy and her smile was contagious. This was before Colin could even smile…and now I’m entering him! How time flies…

Because you can only enter ONE photo, and there’s just no way to show just how happy and sweet of a baby he is in just one image, I figured I would take the chance to share a few of my other favorites of Colin here! There are thousands, but I’ll just pick a few ๐Ÿ˜‰






Please take a second to vote! In the id# search field just enter 304028 and Colin should come right up!


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