First Storytime…in the Rain!

Colin attended his very first story time at Waterford library today!

And I have a fun story about our dripping wet entrance to storytime…. let’s play a game I have called:

#momfail or #momwin?

When I left the house for storytime it was raining, but not too hard. By the time we got to the library it was pouring! I looked around the car and realized I had no umbrella and no rain coats. I looked at the baby in the rear view and mirror and smiled and he smiled back at me. We’re gonna get wet bud, I told him with a big smile still on my face so as not to alarm him to the fact we were about to get drenched all in the name of literacy. I found a random shirt in the back seat of my car, got him out of the car seat and threw the shirt over his head, barely covering him at all. At first he fought the shirt on his head but as I started running I yelled “Rain! Rain! Rain!” He giggled the entire way. As we walked through the door dripping wet and laughing together I looked around the room at all of the other kids and parents. Everyone else had used an umbrella or were geared up in rain boots and raincoats. Haha I’m that mom. Colin enjoyed his first storytime in slightly damp pants, but what a fun adventure we had 🙂 So what do you think? #Momfail or #momwin?


About Waterford library storytime 

It’s a really nice children’s program ran by Ms. Christine. While all of the kids and their ‘handlers’ arrive, everyone has time to play or read. When it was time, Ms. Christine led everyone to the storytime room strumming her banjo and singing a song. Once settled in a circle in the room, she led the group in cute songs and dances and read two books. The first one just so happened to be Colin’s current favorite : Brown bear, brown bear. When she pulled out her giant version, Colin got the biggest smile on his face and let out a big, happy scream to the teacher’s (and everyone else’s) delight. We ended with a fun sing and circle along to ring around the posey! Colin and I will definitely be back!

Here’s some more info on Waterford library children’s programs!


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