I’ll Take $15 an Hour with a Side of Fries, Please

I don’t usually share my thoughts publicly on most matters, but this one really has me scratching my head. ..I can’t figure out why everyone is so upset about fast food workers earning $15 an hour. Hear me out.

I’ve heard so many times that fast food workers shouldn’t be making more than our soldiers and teachers. I don’t think you would find one person to disagree with that. But instead of trying to hold some people back, why arent we thinking of a way to get more money for our troops, teachers, etc!? Let’s raise the bar, not hold it down!

One argument is they aren’t smart or educated enough. ..but they figured out how to get twice the federal minimum wage “flipping burgers” didn’t they?

Are they taking the extra money out of your pocket? No! It’s coming from McDonald’s bajillionaires.

I would never begrudge anyone for getting a raise.  We should be saying wahoo, good for you! Who’s next?!

why are we hating on people for trying to earn more money? Did I miss anything?

DING, fries are done!


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