The Struggle is Real

The baby was sure peppy this morning after our night of fun. By the time he went down for his morning nap I was ready to heat my coffee back up that’s impossible to drink with a 6 month old that reaches for everything, chug said coffee and rummage for food since I keep forgetting to get groceries.

Pickings were slim to say the least. I spotted blueberry pie on the counter that I had deemed too old to eat days ago but hadn’t gotten to throwing away yet. It was too old to eat with other options but you never knew when there was going to be a food emergency where questionable food was an only option. And here was that moment.

It was a pretty hardcore internal conflict this morning over whether or not to eat the week old + pie for breakfast. Including once, or twice, throwing it away then picking thru the garbage for it. (Don’t worry still in the container…i wasnt that desperate). Needless to say, I ate it.

Week old pie

But I heated it up in the microwave first. That would kill anything bad, right? Well if something happens to me, you all know why…


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