Maybe We Shouldn’t Rile the Baby Up at 3am

There’s nothing like a 3am crib party on a Tuesday night!

The baby woke up crying at 2:30 am and after breastfeeding was wide awake! This doesn’t really happen to us that much, or ever really. So by the time he was pushing his face against the mesh bumper in his crib trying to look at me at 330am, I have to admit I was bursting out laughing.

3am play date

I thought it was so funny, I just knew we had to tell Daddy. Didn’t want him missing out on all the fun!

Waking Daddy

It was shortly after this picture was taken that my husband looked at me with sleepy groggy eyes, with a smiling, kicking and screeching baby at his side and said “maybe we shouldn’t rile him all up in the middle of the night.” To this I replied, “yes I was so bored with sleeping that I woke the baby up to nurse and then when he was done I kept him awake so we could play for the next hour and a half!” Hahaha silly daddy. I must say he was a good sport about getting his pic taken at 330am and he did offer to take over, but i was having way too much fun!

Our 3am play date was actually way better than sleeping 🙂  but hopefully it wasn’t so fun that the baby will want to repeat it tomorrow night!

By the way, I dont usually like to point fingers, but I am definitely blaming the initial wake up on my fruit bat dog. Someone just had to get up and get a drink of water in the middle of the night!


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