That Moment When…

Life is made up of little beautiful moments. And if your not careful, it’s easy to miss a lot of them. My goal is to take the time to notice every single one. Life is going by pretty fast. So here is a running list of my beautiful moments that I will be updating from time to time. Sometimes I am able to capture a photo of the fleeting moment (or someone else is for me), but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy every beautiful second. I invite you to share some of your moments in the comments!

That Moment When…

…You hear the breeze, right before you feel it.

…your coffee is exactly the right temperature.

…your baby lets you snuggle a little extra longer in the morning.


…your husband brings you a bowl of ice cream with warm cookie on top just the way you like it. ..and you didn’t even ask for it.

…you look into your baby’s crib and he looks up and gives you the biggest smile.

….the sunlight hits your backyard in such a way that everything looks magical.


…you pick the perfect bouquet of flowers from your very own yard.



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