First Night in his Crib: Cue Water Works

My baby spent his first night in his crib last night. I was a mess. A blubbering mess. Weighing in at almost 17 lbs, I guess it was time. Ok, so it was overdue. The doctor at his 4 month appointment even said it was time. He was ready. I wasn’t.

baby too big for bassinet
Trying to squeak in a few extra nights with my baby by my side in his bassinet…he just didn’t fit anymore.
moving baby to crib
A hard mommy moment, but look at how much more comfortable he is. And he can even spread out!

He has been sleeping through the night since he was 1.5 months old. Only waking up one or two nights a week (if that) for a little extra 4/5 a.m. feeding.

He fell asleep in my arms and instead of walking him to his pack and play in my room (he outgrew his bassinet over a month ago!) I walked him up the stairs and to his crib. I set him down, turned to my husband and buried my head in his shoulder balling my eyes out. Luckily for me, the baby woke right back up (probably because of his blubbering mom) so I got to hold him for a little while longer. He finally fell sound asleep in his crib and slept through the night. The best part was his arms and feet were no longer hitting the sides of his bed. The worst part was crying myself to sleep.

It’s going too fast. It really is. A little over 4 months ago, he was still inside of me. Inseparable. Then for the first two weeks of his life, we mostly slept together anyways because of constant feedings. Then he was at a comfortably close distance beside my bed in his bassinet. When he grew out of that, I had to put him a few steps away in his pack and play, and now he is in a different room than me. WAHHHH

True Confession: I sleep hugging the video monitor.


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