Rocking the Mom Pajamas

Honestly, who wouldn’t wear pajamas every chance they got? I only get one maternity leave, and I am making the most of it with my baby…in our pajamas! And I know I’m not alone here moms. Am I right? The cozier the better…even if that means hideous (which it usually does).

But in all seriousness, I know pajamas are something that all of us moms can relate to. I’m looking at you neighbor at the bus stop in pajamas and mom in grocery store wearing yoga pants. You did not just do yoga but good for you! The truth is, we have so much going on, why shouldn’t we be as comfortable as we possibly can while changing diapers, getting puked on, etc. etc. And since sleep during the night is limited, we have to be ready on a seconds notice to take a quick snooze with our little ones during the day. If your already in your pajamas, you are good to go!

So wearing pajamas isn’t us moms being lazy, it’s functionality at it’s finest!

If you’re a mom in pajamas, give yourself a pat on the back. Then go pour yourself a glass of wine and treat yourself to a nice, long bubble bath. Just kidding, you don’t have time for that 🙂


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