Redesigned Storage Bench: A Nautical Makeover



My current favorite thing: redesigning furniture with a nautical flair! I recently found this little gem on the side of the road and instantly knew I needed to nab it and do something cool with it. It currently is being used on my porch as a little storage bench, but there is still a chance that one summer I am going to use it as a cool planter in the yard with the bench part propped open and flowers just spilling out of it – yellow flowers!

Since it was already a really awesome blue color – just a bit too much – I decided to paint white stripes on it – and I love the result! I still might paint a red anchor on the very top, where it is still all blue, but I haven’t decided yet. Any thoughts?

Here’s how I did it, ya know cause now that I have redesigned one piece of furniture I’m an expert and all 🙂  If you are ever in the mood to put stripes on something:

First, make sure the space you will be painting is well ventilated and all windows are open. 

Second (optional) grab your trusty sidekick

Then, use an old rag and a little bit of soapy water to wash off your canvas (the furniture) where you will be painting.

The tools – outdoor white paint, paintbrush, paint friendly tape.

Now to the fun part: Taping off all the areas you DON’T want painted. Make sure you use painting tape/ trim tape, so you don’t pull off the paint you want to leave in the process – it comes in a few different widths too depending on the size of stripes you want! – then when you are satisfied with all of the tape placement – paint away!!!


Let the paint dry and then apply a second coat if needed (I did here just because I really wanted that stark contrast, but if you are going for more of a shabby chic look, it might be cool to leave it with one coat of paint).

Don’t forget to throw your mark in there somewhere! When I picked this up, the back of the top part had beach 1992 painted on it, but just barely noticeable. I decided to leave this because its part of the story of this piece of furniture. I wouldn’t want to cover that up. I did however throw my own into the mix:



Now actively on the lookout for my next victim project! 



  1. Oh wow, I LOVE it!!! What a great find! I once drove past some rope on the side of the road and had to do a u turn to grab it! I will have to use it in one of my nautical projects 😉

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