Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Millstone Nuclear Power Plant - Waterford, CT

Each week, The Daily Post at WordPress.com posts a photo challenge. This week’s theme of Regret had left me at a total loss for a few days. That is, until I was taking a walk on the beach on one of the most beautiful nights of the winter. The sun was just going down and everything was glowing with the last light of the day – the horizon, the water, even the birds enjoying the remains of the beautiful day. And then I turned and saw this – the Nuclear power plant. And I immediately knew I had my photograph for this week.

In such a picturesque, natural setting it is hard not to be evoked with feelings of regret for what we have done to this beautiful earth.

Going through the pictures I had taken from the beach that day, someone asked me why in the world I had taken this photo of the Nuke plant, when usually people take photos in the other direction. I replied that I took this picture for that very reason. We can not ignore the fact that it is there. Just because we choose to look at or take pictures in a different direction can’t change the fact that there is a very large Nuclear plant right behind us. It was part of the landscape I was photographing and to simply ignore it would have meant I wasn’t capturing a very LARGE and prominent part of that landscape.



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